Cloud assessment, migration and secure management.

Dimension Data, in close conjunction with Microsoft, has developed a hybrid cloud strategy for the assessment, migration and secure management of workloads across Microsoft Azure, on-premise and other cloud environments.

By providing services that accelerate the planning and migration to cloud, Dimension Data ensures clients extract the most value while minimising risk and potential services disruptions. The assessment and discovery service assists the agency to align current IT roadmaps with constantly evolving cloud capabilities using Dimension Data’s automated application discovery and blueprinting tools to generate a report which identifies a prioritised list of applications, interdependencies and requirements.

Cloud migration

Once the decision to migrate to the cloud is made, the next key step is execution. At this time automation is key to both minimise risk and reduce costs. Cloud migrations can be expensive - traditional approaches require excessive manual support and can miss critical interdependencies, and user requirements. Dimension Data’s experience and automated tools for discovery, data synchronisation and migration are all designed to reduce Agency risk and speed time to value.

Our approach

We execute with a three-phased engagement approach, covering Assessment – Discovery, Performance assessment and Dependency mapping. Design – Move Group planning, Application profiling & classification Migration – Automated cloud server & network creation, Move Agent deployment, Monitoring and cutover management and application architecture documentation – allowing the workload to then be securely managed from our operations centre in Canberra.

Dimension Data’s investment in security-cleared personnel and a Secure operating Centre (SoC) in the Canberra Data Centre (CDC) allows us to assist with the migration of applications to the cloud, and the ongoing management if required. By augmenting Agency resources in this way we can improve operational effectiveness and provide Agencies with agility while tuning cloud resource consumption based on demand. We offer solutions that provide a cross-cloud platform dashboard of compliance with the ASD Essential 8 security guidelines.

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